Antilock Brake System Safety Quiz

Posted on November 1, 2002
Questions for school bus drivers on safe use of antilock braking systems (ABS). The first five are true/false. 1) ABS allow drivers to steer a vehicle while applying maximum braking. 2) With ABS if you feel your brake pulsating, pump the brake. 3) The stopping distance is shorter with ABS than conventional brakes. 4) ABS help you maintain control of your vehicle when maximum braking is required. 5) On front-wheel drive cars, ABS works on the front wheels only. 6) If you don’t have ABS and must stop quickly in icy or snowy conditions: a. Apply strong, steady pressure to the brake pedal and don’t let up. b. Pump your brakes. c. Slam your foot on the brake pedal at once. 7) If you go into a skid on ice: a. Apply the brakes to slow yourself. b. Oversteer to compensate for the direction of the skid. c. Take your foot off the accelerator and declutch or shift to neutral. d. All of the above.
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