Quiz Your School Bus Technicians

Posted on March 1, 2002
The following are questions from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) test for school bus technicians, which certifies technicians as the best in their industry. An air-operated stop arm will not fully extend. Which of these is the most likely cause? (A) Low air pressure (B) Binding hinge pivots (C) A sticking solenoid valve (D) A broken return spring pivot A replacement student window side glass should: (A) Meet FMVSS requirements (B) Be tempered (C) Be laminated (D) Be replaced by a glass company The automatic transmission fluid of a school bus is discolored and has an unusual odor. The most likely cause is: (A) Overrunning the engine governor (B) Overheating the transmission (C) A dragging spring (parking) brake (D) Improper gear selection The most likely cause for no air pressure in the secondary air resevoir tank is a/an: (A) Improperly adjusted air governor (B) Plugged one-way check valve (C) Weak pressure relief valve (D) Restricted compressor main discharge line All of these must be checked before aligning the front wheels on a school bus EXCEPT: (A) Tire pressure (B) Trim height (C) Wheel bearing adjustment (D) Tire balance Answers: (A), (A), (B), (B), (D)
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