Test Your Bus Drivers’ Knowledge

Posted on January 1, 2002
The following questions are samples from the CDL exam for passenger bus operators. Use them to test the expertise of your drivers. During a pre-trip inspection what are some items that you must check? A) The standee line B) The service brakes, parking brake, steering, lights, reflectors, tires C) The number of bandages in the first aid kits What are three items of emergency equipment you must have on a bus? A) A fire extinguisher, a first aid kit and tire irons B) Reflectors, stretchers and hydraulic jacks C) Reflectors, a fire extinguisher and spare electric fuses Before driving, who must inspect the emergency equipment? A) The shop B) The driver C) The dispatcher Why should a driver count the number of students getting on a school bus? A) Helps to know if the bus is overloaded B) Helps to determine if some passengers will have to stand C) Helps to know if everyone is on the bus or is safely away from it How often should you look in your rearview mirrors? A) Several times per minute B) Only when you are changing lanes or backing up C) Once a minute Which of the following can be stowed in the aisle on a school bus? A) Book bags and calculators and books. B) Lunches and coats and jackets. C) None of these. Answers: (B), (C), (B), (C), (A), (C)
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