Pretend that your elected official is supporting a provision that would drastically increase processing time for CDLs. If you have already developed a relationship, you can contact or meet with the official or their staff and explain the effect this provision would have.

NSTA Advocacy in Action — How to Be an Effective Advocate

Advocating for your company and your interests with the elected officials representing your area, district, or state is something everyone can and should do. Building a relationship with an elected official rests on a foundation of education.   

In addition to having its electric powertrain in Trans Tech’s SSTe Type A school bus, shown here, Motiv Power Systems’ powertrain will also be in the Starcraft eQuest XL, which can seat 48 passengers.

Can Electric School Buses Go the Distance?

The technology is proven, and the buses offer cheaper operating costs as well as zero emissions. Still, with scarce funding in many states and extremely cold winter temperatures, will the vehicles gain traction in the school transportation market?

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