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Articles/News - School Bus Safety

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How I Added Punch to My ‘Buster’ Presentation
September 1, 1998

To hold short attention spans, Faye Stevens trimmed the show length, added an original song and used a Buster-sized two-way street to directly involve the children.

Differing perspectives provide better solutions
September 1, 1998

All of us involved in school transportation have passenger safety as our primary goal. At every school district, different groups can provide a wealth...

New NHTSA study spurs hope, anxiety
September 1, 1998

Something is gaining on the school transportation industry. It’s the mounting pressure to address the issue of seat belts on school buses.

On an ordinary day, madness on a school bus
August 1, 1998

Student threats against school personnel and against other students are not being treated as pranks anymore.

It Could Happen Here
August 1, 1998

Are you prepared for gunfire aboard a school bus? Recent campus assaults have forced transportation managers to scrutinize training programs, student conduct policies and emergency plans.

Product Enhancement Improves Safety Margin
August 1, 1998

‘Minor’ improvements to school bus components, such as remote-control mirrors, take school bus safety to a new level.

New equipment options help improve safety record
August 1, 1998

For these unfortunate situations where there was nothing the driver could or shouldn’t have done to prevent the accident, we must look to other measures.

Curtailing fly-bys requires media savvy
June 1, 1998

Our editors are getting reports throughout the country that traffic laws are being so routinely violated that they are undermining school bus safety. ...

Unsafe Passage: How to Curtail Illegal Pass-Bys
June 1, 1998

Thousands of motorists illegally pass school buses every day.

A Look Back at the Carrollton, Ky., Tragedy
April 1, 1998

Ten years ago, a horrifying school bus accident killed 27 youngsters. Since then, emergency exit standards have been upgraded, and a push is being made to reduce the number of pre-1977 buses on the road.

Stop, Look and Listen — Drivers fail to heed the rules
April 1, 1998

Dec. 14, 1961. Twenty children are killed and 17 more injured, some critically, when a train slams into a school bus in Greeley, Colo. The impa...

The Sweet Hereafter: What's the message for us?
March 1, 1998

The plot of The Sweet Hereafter isn't much of a dramatic surprise. By the time we watch the school bus winding through the hills, plucking chil...

Best Practices for the Use of Child Restraint Systems
March 1, 1998

The growing population of infants, toddlers and preschoolers on school buses presents a wide range of challenges to the transportation provider. Many ...

Preventing Tragedy at the Bus Stop
March 1, 1998

Connie Chavis assumed her 5-year-old daughter, Brittany, would be safe at her school bus stop. After all, through the window of her mobile home, lo...

8 Tips on How to Prevent Fatal Accidents
August 1, 1997

With the 1997-98 school year fast approaching, school transportation managers are focusing on driver training, route planning, bus maintenance and the...

Real savings of vans are small compared with possible losses
August 1, 1997

On Feb. 4, a small passenger car sped through a stop sign in Youngstown, OH, and broadsided a 48-passenger school bus carrying 13 special-needs childr...

NAPT conference provides 'safety net' for the industry
August 1, 1997

In this issue, as is our custom this time of year, we focus on safety and accident prevention. For example, this edition's cover story, "8 Tips on How...

Cost-benefit analysis favors higher seat backs, training
August 1, 1997

In the past six months I have been overwhelmed by media reports of people with no clear knowledge of school bus safety priorities making decisions abo...

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